Alert: Launch of the National Land Information Management System (NLIMS)

Alert: Launch of the National Land Information Management System (NLIMS)

The Lands Cabinet Secretary, Farida Karoney EGH, on 21st April 2021 via her official Twitter account, twitted that the National Land Information Management System, was ‘all systems go’ , live and ready for business.

She further informed the public that the Ministry of Lands, has started registering clients with land transactions in the system. In her words, ‘the system is set to revolutionalise how land transactions are conducted in Kenya by promoting efficiency, security and transparency.’

This announcement comes after several months of the Ministry of Lands conducting a series of pre-launch meetings with vari- ous stakeholders regarding its roll out of the system. The NLIMS system is an upgrade of the Electronic Land Management System which allows individuals to only conduct searches on land, raise queries and pay for the land rent.

Therefore, as announced the NLIMS System is set to digitize the processes involved in a land transaction, from conducting searches to registration of instruments with the objective of enhancing security on land transactions and reducing the need to physically visit the land registry.

The upgrade comes as contemplated by the Land Registration (Electronic Transactions) Regulations 2020, which allows the Ministry to create an Electronic Lands Registry, within which all land transactions can be conducted.

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